1/22/09 -1-Week Prior to Surgery

Today is 1-week prior to surgery and I am started to get excited about the prospect of being able to see again! I will admit that I am a bit nervous about the surgery, but I am like 80% excited and 20% nervous, I think…

This past week, I had a physical with my primary care physician, which went well (phew!). I am basically healthy as a horse, other than being a little overweight, which results in blood pressure which is, to quote my Dr., “in the normal range, but on the high end of normal…”

I have been instructed to begin to take drops 3 days before surgery – Zymar (anti-biotic) 4 times per day and Xibrom (anti-inflammatory) 2 times per day.

One day before the surgery, I am not supposed to eat or drink anything (this is because of the anesthesia) and my Dr. told me to stop taking anything like Tylenol a week or so before as it thins out the blood.

I am supposed to head to the surgery center (I can’t believe that I am having a transplant and I am not going to a hospital) on Thursday after receiving a phone call the day before to give me the time (one would think that this would be more precisely scheduled) and then I am going to be at the surgery center for 4 hours.

I am scheduled to come into the office for an appointment the next day to see how it went and then I have appointments on a weekly and monthly basis afterwards – this is to check for rejection and other issues and sometimes to adjust the stitches to improve my vision.

Oh and they told me to wear comfortable clothes the day of the surgery as they are just putting a gown over my clothes for the procedure – anyone have any suggestions?


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