2/12/09 - 5:00 PM - Eye Hurts

I am sitting at a terminal at Laguardia airport, waiting to fly home to Boston (my flight has been delayed twice) and my eye hurts.

I have been traveling for business the past two days and really have not had much of an opportunity to take Tylenol and have not gotten phenomenal nights of sleep two nights in a row.

It is really more achy than anything else and I have this irrational worry that I have ripped one of the stitches, although, there is not evidence to support this - I have continued to put in my drops and today is actually the last day of everything except the Pred Forte.

I keep checking my vision and have not noticed any real improvement, other than (strangely) I seem to be able to see very clearly up close (actually better than my right eye), although, for away I can not see much at all (maybe this has something to do with the swelling).

In a funny event today, my lack of depth perception was highlighted when I poured a glass of diet coke onto the table during a meeting, almost completely missing the glass I was aiming for...

Although, I am trying my best, it is still a little disconcerting only seeing out of one eye - I am still looking forward to this eye healing, however!

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