5/28/09 - Appointment Scheduled

So I scheduled my contact lens fitting appointment (first available) with Dr. Watanabe for Tuesday of next week. I am pretty excited and am really hopefully that all goes well. As many people with Keratoconus know, one of the dangers of surgery is contact lens intolerance and I am REALLY hopeful that this is not the case with me. It seems like I will only need a soft lens and hopefully there is not an issue with dryness, etc.

The astigmatism adjustment has healed nicely and I have stopped taking the Zymar. As I mentioned before, I did get switched to another anti-rejection drop called Lotemax, from the previous Pred-Forte. Interestingly, I was charged a co-pay of $30 (insurance paid about $70) for the new drops as it is not a generic. The Pred-Forte was only a $10 co-pay. It made me feel very lucky that I have great insurance and that the bulk of all of this was paid for - I actually got a bill from my insurance for $25 for the surgery - the insurance paid the rest of the approximately $5,000. I am sure that there are a lot of folks out there for which the surgery and maybe even contact lenses are not a possibility for financial reasons and this makes me sad as this is a very treatable disease.

I am heading off to my 10-year college reunion on the 5th and 6th and am hopefull that I will be seeing great by the time I leave!

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