2/5/09 - 5:00 PM - 1-Week Follow-Up Appointment

Today, I had my one week follow-up appointment and all went well. Dr. Rapoza told me that my Endothelium had healed (apparently this takes anywhere from one week to a couple of weeks) and he removed the bandage contact lens from my eye. The Endothelium is basically the outermost layer of my cornea and my eye can now be exposed to the elements (I am still definitely wearing sunglasses outside).

Apparently, now it is a waiting game, as my next appointment is on March 19th, about 5 weeks away. During that period of time, my eye is supposed to slowly heal, after which, adjustments can be made to the sutures, as well as potentially fitting me with correction (glasses or contact lenses). My vision is supposed to steadily improve over this period of time and I am excited to see the progress.

I am probably going to start posting less often at this point, as I am not sure how much there is going to be to report. The one thing that I forgot to ask the Dr. today was if I could get a copy of the video of the procedure, which they filmed, as I thought it might be cool to post on the blog (for those less squeamish).

I am going to continue to take the Zibrom and Zimar for another week (although, both now 2 times per day) and I need to continue to take the Pred Forte for at least another 4 months.

I also found out at my appointment that there is a specific number assigned to my cornea, so if I write a letter to the eye bank (which both myself and my wife Caroline are going to do) that it can be delivered to the family.

Hopefully, my next post will report improved vision!

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  1. Thank you for doing this. I am in the process of getting the largest contacts ever to avoid the transplant for now. It is in my future but I am not sure if I am ready for up to a year rehab that is involved. I hope you are doing well - Thank you


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