2/2/2009 - 5:30 PM - 4th Day Post-Surgery

Today was a very uneventful day as not much changed.

The vision in my left eye continues to be basically useless and it kind of sank in to me today, that it will likely be many months, if not a year before I can see correctly out of my operated eye.

The first goal will be for the eye to heal, which I think takes anywhere from a month to a couple of months, and then hopefully, I will be able to have some sort of correction for the eye (glasses or contact lenses). I think for a lucky few people, the vision is actually good without any correction, but I am not holding out hope for that possibility.

I am actually REALLY hoping that the vision will eventually be good enough that I only need glasses, rather than a soft contact, or possibly the same system I have in my right eye (piggyback - a soft lens under a hard lens).

In the interim, the feeling is disconcerting, basically having to see out of one eye - when I had a similar situation (I was having trouble wearing a lens in my left eye for awhile) it usually took a good week or so before my brain adjusted to the trick of seeing out of one eye exclusively - it has been used to having corrected vision, although, not that great in my left eye for awhile. The weirdest part is going to be as the vision improves in that eye (I am assuming the adjustment is going to be ongoing for the entire period until my vision stabilizes).

Oh well, just things to deal with on the road to recovery. I am going back to work tomorrow - I may work a half day, depending upon how I feel (Thursday is my next appointment - I am interested to hear about the healing progress)...

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  1. Hi. In 2001 I had a corneal transplant and have written about it in my blog. I've also created a social networking site for those who have had a corneal transplant or will be having one. If you are interested the link is:
    Wishing you great sucess with your corneal transplant!


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