2/1/09 - 7:00 PM - 3rd Day Post Surgery

Today was a much better day than yesterday - I am sitting here watching the Super Bowl and although, the vision out of my operated eye is not any better than yesterday, the pain in my eye and the fatigue is noticeably improved.

After a night last night in which my eye felt very dry and scratchy and the white of my left eye was very red and bloodshot, I decided to call the Dr.'s office today and ask if it was ok if I put re-wetting drops in my operated eye. It being Sunday, I received a call back from one of the on-call Dr.'s and she told me that it was fine, as long as the drops that I put in my eye were preservative free (since the combination of drops I am already putting in my eye already had a decent amount of preservatives and too much can be toxic to the eye). I think that this has made a huge difference.

I ended up getting Thera Tears drops that were advertised as preservative free in the eye (I guess the preservative turns into water and oxygen when it hits the eye) . I also picked up another product that I like called Nature's Tears, which is an eye mist (basically just water in a mist form that helps to keep my eyes lubricated). Lastly, I picked up Omega Three flaxseed and fish oil tablets, which I have used in the past, that tend to help with keeping the eye naturally lubricated. I really think that the combination is great as my eye is always more comfortable when it is not dryed out.

As far as the fatigue is concerned, today was a lot better. I actually made it through the entire day without taking a nap and feel fine at 7 PM. I am going to go to sleep directly after the Super Bowl, however. I was even considering going back to work tommorow, but I think that I am going to work from home and then try to go in on Tuesday (although, I am going to play it by ear and see how I feel).

I even felt up to a trip out to the mall today to pick up a pair of sunglasses. Although, the ones that were given to me at the Dr.'s office were "quite trendy", I thought it made sense to pick up some wrap around style sunglasses that were a little more appropriate to wear in public (I figured the wrap around style would better protect my eyes from wind and dust, etc.)

All in all a very good day and much improved from yesterday...

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