2/24/09 - 8:00 AM - Vacation

I am on vacation in Grand Cayman and the eye is doing great! My wife and I have been here for 4 days so far and other than the really bad sunburn that I have pretty much all over my body, all is very good.

I have been on the beach, swimming in the ocean, doing water sports, etc. and am going to go today to swim with the stingrays, which is apparently a thing people do in Grand Cayman. I have stayed our of the pool, as Dr. Rapoza told me that Chlorine was bad for the eye, but the ocean has been totally fine.

There has not been any noticeable improvement in vision since my last post, although, I can see sharply at close-up ranges, i.e. holding my blackberry very close to my eye. I am beginning to think that I am just going to have to wait for the eye to heal and then be corrected with contact lenses, etc.

Boy, this sunburn really hurts...

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