2/18/09 - 5:00 PM - Steadily Improving Vision

Figured I would drop a note to the blog, although, not much is going on with my eyes. My vision is steadily improving, although, as Dr. Rapoza predicted, it is very incremental progress, i.e. that I can't tell a difference from day to day, but notice that it is improving each week. I have good days and bad days regarding how much my eye hurts, dryness, etc., but in general, I am still very pleased with all of the results.

I am really looking forward to my next appointment on March 19th when I can hopefully have a corrective contact lens fitted, glasses, etc.

I am going on vacation next week to Grand Cayman and although Dr. Rapoza told me I am basically good to go with anything (with the exception of swimming in a pool because of the chlorine) I am going to skip the scuba diving with the stingrays and the horseback riding - although, my wife Caroline is doing both!

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