1/26/09 - 9:00 PM - First Day of Drops

Today was my first day of putting drops in my eyes. As I mentioned before, I have one set of drops that I use twice a day and another that is four times a day.

I spoke to the surgical coordinator today. She advised that twice a day, when I am putting in two sets of drops, I wait a few minutes in-between drops so my eye has time to flush out the fluid. Also, I asked about putting in the drops when my lenses are in my eye, and apparently that is OK.

The only issue I had with the drops today is that my eye aches a bit toward the end of the day - I need to remember to ask the Dr. or coordinator about this the next time I speak to them.

A few other interesting tidbits:

1. On a tip from a family friend, I asked today about getting a cornea that is my age - i.e since I am 32, I don't want a cornea that is 60, since these things tend to wear out over time. The surgical coordinator let me know that my Dr. is very particular about these things (good thing I researched and found someone who is really good) and he screens out older corneas, etc.

2. I also found out that my scheduled time for surgery on Thursday is 1:15 PM, but that they are still not sure and will call me the day before - how are they still not sure?

I have also found that as I try to tie up loose ends at work prior to my surgery, new things keep popping up - why is it that you always get busy right before you need to leave for vacation/surgery, etc.?

On a side note, my wife made a fabulous dinner tonight of Cajun chicken and rice - nice!

Oh and also, over the course of the past several years, I did a bunch of research to find some of the best Dr.'s for corneal transplants, and two names kept coming up (both in Boston interestingly) - Dr. Peter Rapoza and Dr. Michael Raizman.

I saw both folks over the course of the past year or so and ended up picking Dr. Rapoza at Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston to do my surgery. Both seemed great, but I seemed to have a little better rapport with Dr. Rapoza. In an interesting turn of events, I noticed when I was at the office last time that Dr. Raizman actually transferred to the OCB practice - kind of cool...

In any event, only a couple of days left to go...

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