1/29/09 - 9:30 AM - Day of Surgery

Today is the big day!

Caroline spoke to the surgical coordinator yesterday and she told us that we needed to be at the surgery center at 11:45 AM - great to have an actual time!

I was instructed that I could not eat anything after midnight, but that I could have clear liquids (which includes water, black coffee, tea, etc.) before 9:30 AM - how is black coffee a clear liquid? In any event, I was happy as I drink a lot of caffeine and it is nice not to have a headache going into surgery...

I also decided upon my wardrobe, which includes my lucky jeans (Lucky Brand Jeans and "lucky" jeans), my lucky T-shirt (of a friends band) and sneakers (for comfort).

I am also wearing my good luck charm, which I refer to as my "Stone Power", which is the Hebrew letter Chai on a chain around my neck (I am Jewish) - oh and I am also wearing my lucky Celtics rubber bracelet (I am a Celtics Fan) - which is a Lance Armstrong Style LiveStrong bracelet, but green for the Celtics charity...do you think I am covered?

Between myself and my family (Jewish) and my wife and her family (Catholic) saying a few prayers, hopefully, we are covered on that front as well - my mom did tell me that our Rabbi called to tell us that I was in his prayers (always nice to have a direct line into the big guy...)

The next time I post, I will have a new Cornea!

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