1/28/09 – 9:00 AM – Day before the Surgery

Today is the day before the surgery and my excitement is still palpable, although, my nervousness has increased a bit more.

I made a mistake last night and re-read some of the accounts of people’s experiences with transplants – some are pretty horrific and some are amazing, but re-reading them amped up my nervousness level. I keep telling myself that I need to remain as positive as possible; as I am a big believer that attitude is a huge part of success and recovery in these types of situations.

For those of you that are interested in reading some of what I am talking about and potentially dealing with similar issues, there is a good site that has a great message board - http://www.kcsupport.org/

My mother is coming in today, to take care of my son Bradley (7 months old and the best thing in the whole world), while I am in surgery tomorrow – my wife Caroline is coming with me to the surgery and driving me home afterwards.

One more day to go…

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