6/10/09 - Eye Hurts

Just so that I didn't get too cocky about this whole process, over the past couple of days, my operated eye has been very achy...

My personal theory is that it is either a) a dryness issue with the new contact lens or b) a oxygen deprivation issue with the new contact lens.

I started putting in rewetting drops this morning, which hopefully will help if it is a dryness issue and I have an appointment with Dr. Watanabe in about a week if the problems persist. This morning does not feel too bad, but it has been getting worse throughout the day. Again, I am crossing my fingers that I don't have any issue with wearing a contact in that eye as this would have been a pretty crappy process to go through to end up not being able to see.

In any event, I am going to keep a positive attitude on it as I am sure that there are a lot of options, etc. for dealing with the eye and worrying is not going to get me anywhere in the interim...


  1. Keep the faith Brent
    Had my left cornea transplant three months ago and I see very little improvement I cant use contacts yet or glasses as my right eye has kerecnotis also
    going around with vison in one eye only stinks
    But watching your posts gives me some hope you are two months ahead of me so I am using you as my baramoter
    Good Luck and thanks for posting

  2. hey brent. i'm going for corneal transplant this monday(15/6/09). So wish me luck.hehe. hope i can be fine before 6th of july coz my college starts that day.


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